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Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Western Mass.

Criminal charges and legal disputes are some of the most stressful experiences that people endure. On top of that, finding an attorney who listens, cares, and fights for you can feel like an insurmountable task. My name is Christina M. McCabe, and I am a Massachusetts attorney serving Western Massachusetts. I recognize that my clients are everyday people like myself going through tough challenges and will treat you with the empathy and respect that you deserve. Whether you need a criminal defense attorney or a strong advocate by your side in a consumer protection case, I am glad to fight for you and protect your rights.

I offer FREE CONSULTATIONS to learn more about your case, give you the opportunity to share your side, and provide a realistic look at next steps. If I have been appointed to your case in Springfield District Court, I guarantee the same level of service to indigent clients as paid private clients.

My service area: Hampden County, Hampshire County. Springfield,  Springfield District Court, Chicopee, Ludlow, Holyoke, Agawam, Westfield, Palmer, Monson, Longmeadow, East Longmeadow, Southwick, Ware, and more. #SpringfieldAttorney #CriminalDefense #SpringfieldMA

Areas of Focus

Your legal rights are my business.

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For The People

Have you been charged with 

drug possession with or without intent to distribute? Attorney

McCabe will fight for your rights. Inside the Courtroom, Attorney McCabe will stand by you and be your voice. At the office, she will look over the government's case with a fine-toothed comb to find errors, flaws, and rights violations and connect clients in need of treatment to drug treatment.

A&B, Allegations of Violence

Every Story Has Two Sides.

Attorney McCabe understands that allegations of violence are some of the most difficult charges for clients to handle, and knows that police reports are often written one-sided without credence to a defendant's version of events. As a team, she will work with you to get a fair outcome in cases involving:

- A&B Assault and Battery

- 209A Violation

- Strangulation or Suffocation

- Threat to Commit a Crime

- Kidnapping.

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Your Trusted Advocate.

- Possession of a Firearm Without a License.

- Possession of Ammunition Without a License.

- OUI - Alcohol.

- OUI - Drugs

- Witness Intimidation.

- More.


Flexible Payment Planning

93A Advocacy for Consumers

Attorney McCabe will advocate for victims of unfair and deceptive business practices:

- Scams

- Lemon Law Violations

- Unfair practices in sales transactions, repairs, service contracts, and more.

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Representation for Working-Class Individuals and Families

Attorney McCabe recognizes that many individuals and families in Massachusetts do not have a large amount of money to pay an attorney at once. Reasonable prices with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payment plans are available.


20 Maple St. # 302

Springfield, MA 01103

(774) 424-8882

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